About us

Born in 2011 by initiative of a group of SISSA students and administrative members, SISSA Club is an association promoting cultural activities and sports. During the years SISSA Club has organized many activities, ranging from drawing, dancing and language courses to movies and board games!

SISSA Club is also active in sports. It has teams for volleyball, basketball and soccer. Moreover, it organizes fitness courses in SISSA Gym.

Moreover SISSA Club organizes the SISSA parties: Welcome Party, Carnival Party and Summer Party.

Today, SISSA Club is happier than ever to help enthusiastic and resourceful people in the organization of new activities. SISSA Club is an association run by SISSA people that have decided to dedicate part of their time to contribute in the organization of the activities SISSA Club proposes.
None of the SISSA Club Directive Board or contact person earn any form of remuneration but the joy of making something for SISSA social life!