Do you want to learn new languages? Do you need to improve your English? Do you want to learn Italian? Join our language courses!

We propose many language courses, from Italian to English, from Spanish to Russian!

Courses will consist in 10 lessons of 1.5 hours each, once per week. Prices will depend on the number of participants, but they will be no more than 60 euros. Subscriptions must be sent to Maja Berovic ( before the deadline.

Subscriptions deadline: Monday 20th November.

Subscription to SISSA Club is necessary (5€). Download here the subscription form.

IMPORTANT: Payment has to be done before the subscription deadline.


The Italian course is an interactive and enjoyable way to learn Italian, applying the rules of language to communicative needs, finding strategies to ameliorate the vocabulary and improving the previously acquired knowledge.  The course is subdivided in three levels, with the aim of an interactive exchange.

Basic Italian Course:  After an introduction to phonetics, we will deal with everyday situations, joining them with grammar rules. Students will be stimulated to talk, in order to be able to interact in different contexts.  

FREE LECTURE: Friday 17th November @ 5.30 pm

Intermediate Italian Course: The aim of the course is the development of the best strategies to compare and overcome communicative difficulties between language and culture of Italy and the countries of origin of students.

FREE LECTURE: Friday 17th November @ 5.30 pm


Sissa Club is offering a course devoted to both spoken and written communication in English. Lessons include numerous in-class writing and speaking drills, concentrating on advanced spoken and written communication skills. As well, the course will include discussion and listening comprehension techniques, grammar improvement exercises.

Basic and Intermediate English Course:

FREE LECTURE: Friday 17th November @ 5.30 pm


Basic Russian Course:

FREE LECTURE: Monday 13th November @ 6.00 pm


Advanced German Course:

FREE LECTURE: Wednesday 15th November @ 6.00 pm


Basic Croatian-Serbian Course:

FREE LECTURE: Thursday 16th November @ 6.00 pm


Basic French Course:

FREE LECTURE: Thursday 16th November @ 6.00 pm

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