Join our sport teams! We have teams for Volleyball, Basketball, Football, and Female Football!

There is no fee that need to be paid, just the necessary to rent the Gym.

Yearly sportive subscription to SISSA Club is requested (10€), which includes ASI sport insurance. Download here the subscription form.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Medical Certificate for not-agonistic sport activity is necessary.


Volleyball team meets for training sessions every Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm at the gym Scuola Umberto Saba, Strada del Friuli 34.

There's no any coach, but traning programs are prepared by some experienced players and include some warm up, exercises in the central part of the training and a match. Players of very different levels have joined the team during the years, some are beginners and some have more experience.

The team takes part in various competition: from November to May in a long amateur torunament, while in June in the "Crese Cup" summer tournament. Sometimes it is also possibile to organize friendly matches against other teams.

The cost is 2€ per person per training.

Contacts: Giulia Piccitto - --- Giuseppe Di Giulio -


Basketball team trains every Tuesday from 9:00 pm to 10.30 pm at the gym of Liceo "Galilei", via Goffredo Mameli 4. 

Trainings are open to players having all levels of experience and include exercises and small matches.

The team took part both in a summer and a winter tournament and occasionally plays friendly matches.

The cost is 5€ per person per training.

Contacts Ivo Calaresu -


Sissa club has one football team taking part in a yearly tournament called "Torneo Elettra" and involving various other institutes in Trieste.

No training session are planned, since the tournament has weekly matches, but sometimes friendly matches are played.

Contacts: Andres Hernandez -

Female Football

There is also the possibility to join an amateur female football team. Trainings and friendly matches take usually place 

once per week (on Tuesday or Thursday) at Dopolavoro Ferroviario, Viale Miramare 51. 

Contacts: Irene Adroher - 

General Info and contacts:

Giulia Piccitto -">